Therapeutic massages

Therapeutic massages  of high quality in Prague

At Healing Touch Massage Studio , we’re committed to a stress-free experience, every time. This includes friendly staff, professional massage therapists and a calm, inviting environment.

  • Our massages relieve persistent and acute pain, and you can always look forward to something more. A spark of energy – a recharge that makes you feel happy and bright for the next few days awaits you at every massage.
  • We help you by back-, neckpain, joint problems, by tired legs and feets
  • You can come as , your massage for couple would be provided in one room or in separated rooms.
  • We  offer massages for tourists or businessmen in your hotel or apartment, so you can unwind after a hard day, without needless travelling.
  • Our founder Patricia has many years of experience with traditional, reflex and sensual massage, a holistic approach to health through exercise, diet, leading personal development courses, a long-term experience with detoxification, with traditional Chinese medicine as well as macrobiotics. That all contributes to the fact that she is capable of very quickly and sensitively detecting problems in your body and of offering practical and feasible solutions. She has also taught all of this to her colleagues, so the name Healing Touch has become our credo.
  • We offer a healing prostate massage for men
  • If you’re looking for a professional massage of the highest quality, one in which you’ll relax and break free from the everyday hustle and bustle, then you’ve come to the right place . We have time for each client and offer them the best possible experience of holistic massage.

The philosophy of our studio

  • For us, our massage studio is a place for relaxation, where clients feel comfortable and an environment to help them break away from the pressures of time and the normal daily stress.
  • An environment in which clients and we, the massage therapists, feel good. The result is that our clients, and we ourselves, look forward to each and every massage.
  • Of course our treatment is professional and relaxing, and takes place in a harmonious environment.
  • We offer flexible working hours, so that everyone can find a suitable term
  • First off, we see ever client as a human being and we mould the therapy to accommodate their needs and momentary physical and mental condition
  • We are continuously furthering our knowledge, thereby achieving a high standard in massage and counseling. We are also able to offer other forms of assistance to help you improve your health.
  • We listen to our clients and truly hear what they have to say, so in that way we are therapists whom they can rely on.
  • Our goal is to make our small massage studio one that is popular for its trustworthiness, fair price-quality ratio, high standard of massage , good communication with clients as well as fast handling of orders.